Twizy is a comfortable two seaters (in line), safer than a scooter, faster and easier than a bicycle, more agile than a car. Designed to move freely and easily in city traffic, it is also perfect to drive in the narrow country roads, to reach the beaches and to visit the Parks.
ForPlay offers you all models and versions: choose your Twizy!



Maximum speed 80km/h
From 16 years old (B1)


Maximum speed 45km/h
From 14 years old (AM)


Ideal for summer:
it is easy to go in and out and it..


If it’s space you’re looking for,
then the Twizy..


The first 100% electric minicar for all! A new iconic way to drive: unconventional on its shape, in touch the best choice for short distances, for having space and comfort, for easy driving and parking.



Max speed of 45 km / h
two seats side by side
drivable from 14 years of age
with AM license.

Scooter and Bike

The two electric wheels are designed to ensure freedom of movement, ease of use and recharge, savings in consumption and respect for the environment. They meet different needs of use and taste: for those who enjoy traveling off-road and rough itineraries with E-MTB, for those who want to move quickly around the city or towards the beaches with a colorful and silent scooter, for those who want to get excited by driving a true icon of Italian style like the Vespa.



Autonomy 80 km
Max speed of 45 km / h
Drivable from 14 years of age with an AM license

Askoll NGS2

Autonomy 70km
Max speed 45 km / h
Drivable from 14 years of age with an AM license

Askoll NGS3

Autonomy 90 km
Max speed 66 km / h
Drivable from 16 years of age with A1 driving license

Moena race (29”) and Moena pro (27,5”)

Multifunction computer with color display
OLI EDS central motor 250W Torque system
Hydroformed aluminum frame