Which models and versions of Twizy do you offer?

For Play offers you all models and versions: 45 and 80, with doors or without, cargo (you can see them on our page garage)

How many people can get it in your cars?

Twizy is a two-seaters; Twizy cargo is one-seater with a big boot on the back

What are the age requirements to drive a Twizy?

A Twizy 45 can be driven from 14 years old. A Twizy 80 can be driven from 16 years old. To rent a Twizy you must be over 21.

Is it suitable for kids?

Passengers must be over 5; kids seats available for free.

Is Twizy equipped with a trunk?

Twizy Cargo has a big trunk, others models don’t have it, but there is some space on either side of the driver’s seat (it is enough for a trolley or a rucksack )

I’ve never driven a Twizy before: it is easy?

Twizy is an automatic vehicle, so it is very easy to drive. We’ll take care of you and we’ll explain everything before you leave our office.

How can I book a Twizy?

  • From 1 to 7 days: website, wapp (+39 360908574)
  • More than 7 days: wapp (+39 360908574) or mail info@forplaysrl.it

What do I need to rent a Twizy?

Driving licence and ID card (passport)

At what age is possible to rent a Twizy?

Minimum age is 21

What kind of driving licence do I need?

A full driving licence. An international driving licence is required for non EU citizens.
A Twizy 45 can be driven by holders of a moped (50cc) licence.

How can I pay?

  • Cash or cheque (when you collect your Twizy)
  • Credit cards
  • Bank transfer (5 days before renting)

What insurance do your Twizy have?

All our Twizy have RC insurance. It covers all damaged to third parties. If the accident is caused by the Twizy driver (total or partial blame) a penalty of 400 euro must be paid.
Any damages to the Twizy must be paid by the renter.
If damage is caused by theft or fire a penalty of 800 euro is due.

Is there a limit of miles?

There is no mileage limitation.

If I booked online and I decide to cancel the reservation, can I have my money back?

If you cancel 48 hours before the rental is due to start you will get a full refund. If you cancel less than 48 hours in advance no refund is available.

What are your opening hours?

April – October: 8.30-12.30/15.30-19.30 November – March: close on Sunday afternoon.

If you have urgent requirements, contact us on wapp or by email

Where can I pick up the car?

Our office is in the Industrial Zone in Ostuni in via delle Comunicazioni (see Contacts page),
but it is possible to ask for your Twizy to be delivered and collected at your home or hotel for a fee, (page “Rates”)

Can I have the Twizy delivered to my house / hotel?

Of course!

We can deliver your Twizy within 100km of our office.

The rate depends on the distance: contact us for more information.

Can I have Twizy at Ostuni railway station?

Of course! Our office is just 300mt from the station, so the service is available and for free.

How can I get to your office from the historical centre of Ostuni?

Our office is 2km from the historical center, so you can choose:

  • By bus (direction: railway station)
  • Asking for pick up: from and to Ostuni.

Paid service, booking in advance

Where can I drive by Twizy?

You can drive on all roads with the exclusion of motorways and other places where it is expressly forbidden.

Can I go in ZTL?

Every town adopts different rules: we suggest you to verify before entering.

Where can I park the Twizy?

On dedicated spaces for quadricycles (if they are available);
on white line (for free) or on blue line

Do I have to return the Twizy recharged?

We rent Twizy completely recharged but you can return it with any battery level. If we are collecting the Twizy it must have enough to reach the office.

How can I recharge the Twizy?

  • At your home or hotel
  • EnelX recharging point
  • At one of our partners (list provided)